Faculty (Technical Staff) of Existing Trades.
Sl. No. Name Designation Qualification (class X onwards) Trade Date of Joining Regular/ Adhoc/ Contract CTI trained (Yes/No.) Photo link
1 Sri M.K.Mallick,ATO  Trg. Officer Bachelor of Arts. Electrician 10.05.82 Regular Yes  
2 Sri  Guru Prasad Moharana Group Instructor H.S.C., NTC D/M Mech. 31.05.79 Regular Yes  
3 Smt.Nirupama Mohanty Training Officer HSC,NTC D/M (Civil) 16.2.82 Regular Yes  
4 Sri Chakaradhar Raj Group Instructor H.S.C.NTC Electronics Mech. 29.03.75 Regular Yes  
5 Sri Lala Ambika Prasad Ray Training Officer HSC, NTC Fitter 17.9.81      
6 Sri Direndra Ku. Jena Training Officer H.S.C. NTC Welder 26.08.79 Regular Yes  
7 Sri Anil Kumar Bardhan Training Officer HSC, NTC D/M(Civil) 14.9.81 Regular Yes  
8 Sri Gour Ch. Samal Mill Wright Foreman H.S.C., NTC Wireman 28.05.79 Regular Yes  
9 Sri P.C.Ratha Group Instructor HSC, NTC Fitter 20.9.81 Regular Yes  
10 Smt. Sabitree Behera Group Instructor H.S.C. NTC D/M Civil 17.04.80 Regular Yes  
1 Chiranjiv Chakra Instructor H.S.C. NTC MMV 10.4.13 Contract    
2 Sambit kumar Dwibedi INSTRUCTOR B. Tech., Ind. & Production Engg. 10.4.13 Contract    
3 Kartikeswar Mohanta INSTRUCTOR H.S.C.NTC 10.4.13 Contract    
4 Manoj Kumar Pradhan INSTRUCTOR H.S.C. NTC 10.4.13 Contract    
1 Sri S.K.Raisingh Asst. Trg. Officer Diploma in Electrical Electrician 30.08.93 Regular Yes  
2 Sri Dhananjay Bankirao Contractual ATO H.S.C., NTC 11.08.10 Contractual Yes  
3 Sannita Prusti   Diploma in Electrical 01.08.12      
4 Sri Hemanta Kumar Rout INSTRUCTOR Diploma in Electrical 10.4.13 Contract    
5 Sri Krushna Chandra Chatoi INSTRUCTOR HSC, NTC 1.8.12 Contract    
6 Mamata Priyadarsini INSTRUCTOR HSC, NTC 10.4.13 Contract    
7 Sri Sarat Chandra Das INSTRUCTOR HSC, NTC 1.8.12 Contract    
8 Sri Ashis Kumar Samal INSTRUCTOR Diploma in Electrical 10.4.13 Contract    
9 Sri Biplab Kumar Routray INSTRUCTOR Diploma Electrical 1.08.12 Contract    
1 Prafula Kumar Nayak Asst. Trg. Officer HSC.NTC Fitter 1.3.82 Regular Yes  
2 Sri S.C.Swain, ATO Asst. Trg. Officer HSC.NTC 26.02.82 Regular Yes  
3 Sri Pradeep Ku. Khuntia Asst. Trg. Officer HSC.NTC 04.12.90 Regular Yes  
4 Prafula Chandra Rath Training Officer HSC.NTC 02.09.81 Regular Yes  
5 Sri Lingaraj Sahoo Contractual ATO HSC.NTC 01.10.09 Contractual    
6 Annapurna Swain INSTRUCTOR Diploma Mech. 10.4.13 Contract    
7 Smt. Amita Mohanty INSTRUCTOR Diploma Mech. 1.04.13  Contract    
8 Sri Mrutunjaya Nath   -do-   -do- 10.4.13   -do-    
9 Sri Swaraj Kumar Samal INSTRUCTOR Diploma Mech. 10.4.13 Contract    
1 Sri Biswajit Das INSTRUCTOR HSC, NTC Turner 1.8.12   Yes  
2 Sri Kishore Rout INSTRUCTOR   -do- 1.8.12      
3 Sri Sankarsana Sethy    -do-   -do- 1.8.12      
4 Sri  Jogesh Ku Swain   -do-  Diploma Mech. 10.4.13      
5 Sri  Srikanta Sahoo  -do- HSC,NTC 10.4.13 Contract    
1 Sri Raja Kishore Sahoo Asst. Trg. Officer B.A., NTC Machinist 11.05.90 Regular Yes  
2 Sri Manas Kumar Singh  INSTRUCTOR Diploma Mech. 1.08.12 Contract    
3 Sri Deba Prasad Das  INSTRUCTOR Diploma Mech. 1.08.12 Contract    
4 Sri Himansu Sekhar Bal  INSTRUCTOR HSC, NTC 10.4.13 Contract    
5 Sri  Shakti Ranjan Panda INSTRUCTOR  Diploma  Mech. 10.4.13 Contract    
6 Sri Sarbeswar Mohanty INSTRUCTOR Diploma Mech. 10.4.13 Contract    
1 Kabita Bedanta INSTRUCTOR HSC, NTC Instrument Mech. 10.4.13      
2 Rasmi Ranjan Behera INSTRUCTOR B. Tech. 2.7.12      
1 Sri Deepak Ku. Muduli Contractual ATO  Diploma IT IT & ESM 10.12.07 Contractual    
2 Sonali Sucharita Swain INSTRUCTOR HSC, NTC 1.8.12      
1  Miss Sujata Barik INSTRUCTOR H.S.C. D/M Civil 1.8.12 Contract    
2 Sri Prasant Ku. Dalai Asst. Trg. Officer H.S.C. 07.03.84 Regular Yes  
1 Guru Prasad Maharana Training Officer HSC, NTC D/M Mech. 31.05.79 Regular Yes  
2 Swagatika Mohapatra INSTRUCTOR Diploma In Mech.   10.04.13 Contract    
1 Smt. Jhinia Rout Contractual ATO Diploma Mech. Ref. & AC 11.08.10 Contractual    
2 Sri Ashok Kumar Behera INSTRUCTOR HSC, NTC 1.08.12      
3 Sri Dhusasan Biswal INSTRUCTOR   -do- 1.08.12      
1 Sri  Rameswar  Marandi INSTRUCTOR HSC, NTC Painter (G)   Contract    
2 Jagada Nanda Majhi INSTRUCTOR Diploma Chemical 10.4.13 Contract    
1 Sri Subash Ch. Das Contractual ATO +2 Science Wireman 06.10.09 Contractual    
2 Aurobinda Sahoo INSTRUCTOR HSC, NTC 1.08.12 Contract    
3 Sri Bana Bihari Pati   -do- HSC, NTC 1.08.12  -do-    
4  Dipti Rekha Behera   -do-   -do- 1.08.12  -do-    
5 Pusptalata Behera -do- -do- 1.08.12 -do-    
6 Saswati Dalai -do-  -do- 1.08.12  -do-    
7 Miss Subhadarsini Swain            
8 Sri Ganesh Ch. Sahoo            
9 Sri Sanjeet Ku Das            
1 Sri Ramesh Ch. Guin Asst. Trg. Officer MCA COPA 10.07.91 Regular Yes  
2 Miss Jayashree Behera INSTRUCTOR HSC,NTC 1.08.12 Contract    
1 Sri Pramod Ku. Jena Asst. Trg. Officer H.S.C., NTC Diesel Mech. 02.07.91 Regular Yes  
2 Abhedananda Sahoo INSTRUCTOR Diploma Mech. 10.4.13      
1 Sri Sanjib Ku. Tripathy Contractual ATO +2 Sc. & Diploma Mech. Foundry man 01.10.09 Contractual    
2 Sri Amarendra Das INSTRUCTOR HSC,NTC 10.04.13 Contract    
1 Sri Bodev Sahoo Contractual ATO B.A. NTC Carpentry 01.10.09 Contractual    
2 Miss  Madhusmita Sahoo Contractual ATO +2 Sc. & Diploma Mech. 01.08.09 Contract    
1 Sri  Bharat Ch  Bhoi INSTRUCTOR H.S.C., NTC Welder 1.08.12 Contract Yes  
2 Sri Gopal Krushna Mallick  -do- -do- 1.08.12 -do-    
3 Sri Soumya Ranjan Samal -do- -do- 1.08.12 -do-    
4 Sri Utkal Keshari Nayak  -do- -do- 1.08.12 -do-    
5 Sri Akula Nanda Swain   -do- -do- 1.08.12 -do-    
6 Sri Sagarika Samal -do- Diploma in Mech. 10.4.13 -do-    
1 Sri Siba Narayan Mohapatra Asst. Trg. Officer B. Sc.NTC Stenography 24.09.81 Regular Yes  
2 Sri Santosh Ku Sethy INSTRUCTOR +2, NTC        
1  Smt. Nuirupama
 Tr. Officer H.S.C. Engg. Drawing 09.02.82 Regular Yes  
2 Sri Sisir Ranjan Mohanty Asst. Trg. Officer H.S.C. 25.03.82 Regular Yes  
3 Sri Bishnu Ch. Das Asst. Trg. Officer H.S.C. 02.12.82 Regular Yes  
4 Sri Brajabandhu Pattnaik Asst. Trg. Officer H.S.C. 25.08.82 Regular Yes  
5 Sri Pradeep Ku. Mallick Asst. Trg. Officer H.S.C.     1983 Regular Yes  
6 Sri  Sandhyarani Samal Contractual HSC, NTC   Contract    
1 Smt. Nabanita Khuntia Contractual ATO Diploma Mech. Math. 01.10.09 Contractual    
2 Sri R.N.Das INSTRUCTOR + SC 1.08.12 Contract    
3 Sri  Arun Ku Mallick  -do- Diploma Electrical 1.08.12 Contract    
4 Subhasini Sahoo -do- B. Tech. ,ETC 1.8.12 Contract    
1 Sri Lalit kumar Mohanty Asst. Trg. Officer HSC,NTC  Electronics Mech. 7.10.86 Regular    
2 Sri Jawana Das  -do- HSC, NTC 18.8.90 -do-    
3 Miss Smaranika Dalai INSTRUCTOR Diploma, ETC 1.08.12 Contract    
  Sri Girish Kumar Samal INSTRUCTOR HSC, NTC BBBT(CoE), PMBT 1.08.12 Contract    
  Sri  Laxman Ku Moharana -do- -do- 1.08.12 -do-    
  Sri Jagajiban Moharana ATO AMIE 9.7.91 Regular Yes  
  Sri Gyna Ranjan Sethy INSTRUCTOR Diploma 1.08.12 Contract    
  Sri Kumr Mohanty -do- Diploma Mech. 1.08.12 -do-    
  Sri A.Kumar Jena -do- Diploma Mech. 1.08.12 -do-    
  Sri Sushanta Ku Sengupta TO HSC, NTC 31.10.79 Regular Yes  
  Sri Sunit Ku Mangal INSTRUCTOR B. Tech.      Advanced  Module(PMAT) 1.8.12 Contract    
  Sri Jyoti Ranjan Mohanty -do- Diploma Mech. 1.08.12 -do-    
  Sri Rama Krishna Mohanty -do- Diploma Mech. 1.08.12 -do-    
1. Subasini Sahoo Audio Visual Instructor B. Tech. in IT   1.8.12 Contract    
2. Durga Charan Behera Carpentry Instructor HSC, NTC   10.4.13 Contract    
3. Jyostnamayee Moharana Employability skill B.A, MBA   10.4.13 Contract    
1. Jyostnamayee Mohanty Librarian Diploma in Lib. Sc.          
2. Bijaya Kumar Routray PTI Cum Hostel Supdt. Diploma in Phy. Edn.          
1. Dr. Anita Manjari Jena Medical officer M.B.B.S          
3. Ashok Kumar Mishra Compounder Diploma in Pharmacist     Contract Basis    
4. Indramani Nayak Dresser Dresser training          
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